Vikings – in York and Birsay

Over the last two weeks we’ve been to the fascinating Jorvik Viking Centre in York. We saw, heard and smelt a 1,000 year old Viking town. Really enjoyed it and were delighted to see the Scar Dragon  was used as an example of great Viking art.  The dragon was found on Sanday, Margaret’s home island and is the inspiration for our logo.

On 16 April, Margaret gave a reading at the annual St Magnus Day service in St Magnus Church, Birsay. Local tradition says this is where St. Magnus’s body was first buried, though some say it was in fact taken to another church on the nearby Brough of Birsay. It was very moving, though, to remember St. Magnus so close to the centre of Norse power and just before the 900th anniversary of his death. The Viking sagas record lights hovering above his grave.