Orkney is a fascinating group of islands just off the North Coast of Scotland where the Atlantic Ocean meets the North Sea. Our population of 21,000 lives on roughly 20 islands. Some 15,000 people live on Orkney Mainland.

This does not do justice to the beauty, romance and past of the islands. We have 5,000 year old World Heritage sites, the most northern Cathedral in the British Isles, excellent diving on the remains of the scuttled German High Seas fleet and beautiful scenery.

We, along with Shetland, were the last part of what is now the United Kingdom to become British. Our Viking past is important to us, as are our many Festivals and community events.

We are a forward looking series of communities. Our European Marine Energy Centre is a world leader in testing wave and tidal devices. We enjoy a whole series of sporting and culture events such as excellent fishing.

We love showing Orkney to visitors of all ages and interests.