Orkney Archaeology and awards for local butchers and brewers

In the last week Orkney has shown – again –  what a lively and interesting destination it is for anyone interested in  archaeology, food and drink – or all three!

Earliest Orkney example of a  decorated stone. Photo: Christopher Gee

Colin Renfrew and Christopher Gee’s 2013 excavations at Smerquoy  are being carbon dated. The first results suggest one of their finds is a house that is amongst the oldest in Northern Europe – around 3,300 BC. They also found what we now know to be Orkney’s oldest decorated stone.

At the same time, one of our butchers, the Dounby Butcher, has become Scotland’s top butcher, winning the accolade at the Countryside Alliance Awards ceremony. Meanwhile Swannay Brewery’s Island Hopping cask ale has received a gold award from  the Society of Independent Brewers.

I’m sure there will be more exciting finds at our various digs this summer as well as opportunities to sample our award winning food, beers and malt whisky